About Me

I am an Interactive Media Developer in Thunder Bay. I love creating digital content that ranges from websites to animations. I have 5 years experience in the Media Development industry and would love to help your business on your next project.

Lakehead Houses

Designed the brand identity and website for Lakehead Houses. The website was developed with the Bootstrap framework and Concrete5.

Excite SV

Designed and developed a website for Excite Sound & Vision located in Florida. The results left them and their clients excited!

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Designed the branding for Mayday which included a logo, brochure, and website.


Designed and developed an app with Unity. The project was completed in November 2015. It was inspired by the game Flappy Birds.

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Augmented Reality

This project started as an experiment to see if I could get augmented reality working. The outcome was a Labyrinth Game that you play by tilting my business card.